SIKS PhD Students Advisory Committee

  • Ir. Jorn Bakker (TUE)
  • Drs. L. Bodenstaff (UT)
  • Drs. Corrado Boscarino (CWI)
  • Drs. V. Pijpers (VU)
  • Drs. M. Schadd (UM)
  • Drs. Rory Sie (OU)
  • Drs. N. Vergunst (UU), Chair
  • Drs. W. Weerkamp (UVA
  • Ir. M. Wilson (TUD)
  • Drs. I. Wilmont (RUN)
  • Drs. S. Wubben (UvT)

The task of the PhD Students Advisory Committee is to advise the scientific director or the Board of Governors on all aspects of the educational and scientific program of the School that are relevant for the PhD students, and to support the managing director in organizing and planning the activity program of SIKS. Among other things the latter task may include:

  • Organizing a PhD-contribution / presentation at the annual SIKS Day;
  • Being present and assisting at KNAW visitation days;
  • Organizing social events during 4-day SIKS-courses;
  • Organizing an annual ‘day in the country’ for SIKS PhD students;
  • Organization of Alumni days;
  • Organization of Meeting days with industrial companies;
  • Assisting in evaluation of the SIKS courses.