Management team

Prof. dr. K.V. Hindriks (VU) Chair Board of Governors
Prof. dr. A.P.J.M. Siebes (UU), Scientific Director
Dr. R.J.C.M. Starmans (UU, TiU), Managing Director

Board of Governors

Dr. B. Bredeweg (UVA)
Prof. dr. P.A. Boncz (CWI)
Prof. dr. D. Grossi (RUG)
Dr. ir. M. van Keulen (UT)
Prof. dr. ir. G.J.-Houben (TUD)
Prof. dr.Y. Velegrakis (UU)
Prof.dr. M. Pechenizkiy (TU/e)
Prof. dr. A. Plaat (UL)
Prof. dr. K.V. Hindriks (VU), Chair
Prof.dr. R. Klemke (OUN)
Prof. A.P. de Vries (RUN))
Dr. H. Weigand (UvT)
Prof.dr. M.H.M. Winands (UM)

Scientific advisory committee

Prof.dr. A. Van den Bosch (UVA/Meertens Instituut)
Prof. dr. V. Evers (UT)
Prof. dr. F. van Harmelen (VU)
Prof. D. Hiemstra (RUN)
Prof. dr. ir. A. Bozzon (TUD)
Prof. dr. J.-J. Ch. Meyer (UU)
Prof. dr. E.O. Postma (UvT)
Prof. dr. H. Reijers (UU)
Dr. H. Weigand(UT)

PhD students advisory committee


The daily management is run by a Management Team, which consists of the scientific director, the chairman of the board of governors and the managing director. The scientific director of SIKS is responsible for the (scientific) quality of the educational program. The managing director is responsible for the management of the school and the development and organization of the activity program.

The SIKS Board of Governors is the general leading body of SIKS, overall responsible for devising and deciding its policies and overseeing its operations. Each participating institution has one representative in the Board of Governors.

The Scientific Advisory Committee advises the Board of Governors on all scientific matters, especially on the Research Program (the research foci) and the Educational Program. The research focus directors take part in the Scientific Advisory Committee.

The role of the Advisory Board is to foster relationships between SIKS research and applications in society. The (external) Advisory Board meets once a year with the SIKS Board of Governors and the Scientific Advisory Committee to discuss current research in SIKS and current trends and application needs in business and government.

The role of the PhD Students Advisory Committee is to represent the SIKS PhD students and advise the scientific director and Board of Governors on all aspects of the educational and scientific program of the School that are relevant for the PhD students and, furthermore, to support the managing director in organizing and planning the activity program of SIKS. Among other things the latter task may include:

  • Organizing a PhD contribution / presentation at the annual SIKS Day;
  • Organizing social events during 4-day SIKS-courses;
  • Organizing an annual ‘day in the country’ for SIKS PhD students;
  • Organization of Alumni days;
  • Organization of Meeting days with industrial companies;
  • Assisting in evaluation of the SIKS courses.