Activities 2024

30 September & 1 October 2024SIKS Course on Generative AIVught
19-20 June 2024SIKS Course on Neuro-Symbolic SystemsUtrecht
11-12 June 2024SIKS Course on Machine Learning and OptimisationUtrecht
20-24 May 2024International Software Architecture PhD School '24 (ISAPS)Leiden
10-11 April 2024ICT OpenUtrecht
11-15 March 2024AI & Health Winter School 2024Amsterdam
6 March 2024SIKS Symposium: Advancing Education and Knowledge: Exploring Generative AI, Hybrid Intelligence, Governance of Knowledge Graph Artefacts, and FAIR Knowledge InfrastructuresAmsterdam
27 February 2024VMBO 2024: 17th international workshop on value modelling and business ontologiesDen Bosch
26 February 2024SIKS Masterclass on Data SemanticsDen Bosch

Activities 2023

21 December 2023DBDBD 2023Ghent
14-15 December 2023DBWRS 2023Antwerp
11-12 December 2023SIKS course: Foundations of Data Science: Data MiningUtrecht
27 November 2023DIR 2023Delft
20-22 November 2023SIKS course on Research Methods and Methodology for IKSVught
8-10 November 2023BNAIC/BeNeLearnDelft
30 October - 3 November 202327th International EDOC Conference (EDOC 2023)Groningen
20-21 September 2023SIKS course on Reinforcement Learning for Adaptive Hybrid IntelligenceUtrecht
27 July 2023EAISI/SIKS Masterclass on Multi-objective evolutionary computation by Prof. Carlos Coello CoelloEindhoven
3-5 July 2023BMSD 2023Utrecht
15-16 June 2023SIKS course on Human-Centred AIUtrecht
30-31 May 2023SIKS course on Causal InferenceUtrecht
19-20 April 2023ICT OpenUtrecht
27 February - 3 March 2023Workshop Agent Based Simulations for Societal Resilience in Crisis SituationsLeiden
16-17 February 2023SIKS-course on Social AIUtrecht

Activities 2022

16 December 2022Free participation in DBDBD 2022 for SIKS membersUtrecht
16-18 November 2022SIKS Course: "Research methods and methodology for IKS"Vught
7-9 November 2022Free participation for SIKS-PhD-students in BNAIC/BeNeLearn 2022Mechelen
10-11 October 2022SIKS-course "Machine Learning and Optimisation"Utrecht
22-23 September 2022SIKS-course: "Data Science: From Data Lakes to Knowledge Graphs"Vught
4-8 July 2022Process mining summer schoolAachen
1 July 2022SIKS-day 2022Utrecht
21-22 & 28-29 June 2022SIKS-course "Responsible AI"Online
17 June 2022CLIN 2022Tilburg
13-17 June 2022The first International Conference on Hybrid Human-Artificial IntelligenceAmsterdam
6-7 April 2022ICT.Open2022Amsterdam

Activities 2021

13-14 December 2021SIKS-course "Foundations of Data Science: Data Mining"Utrecht
7 December 2021Dutch-Belgian Database DayDelft/Online
17-19 November 2021SIKS-course "Research methods and methodology for IKS"Online
10-12 November 2021BNAIC 2021Luxembourg
1-5 November 20214TU-SIKS Phd Winterschool on Humans and TechnologyDelft/Online
4-5 October 2021SIKS Course "Advances in Information Retrieval"Nijmegen
21-22 and 27-28 Sep 2021IKS-course "Explainable AI"Online
9 July 2021CLIN 31Online
25-26 May 2021SIKS-course "Integrating Learning and Reasoning"Online
4-5 February 2021SIKS-Course: Advanced Data Science: Mathematical ModelsOnline
10-11 February 2021 ICT-Open 2021Online

Activities 2020

25-27 November 2020SIKS-Course: Research Methods and Methodology for IKSOnline
18 - 20 November 2020BNAIC 2020Leiden
05-06 October 2020SIKS-Course "Data Science; from Data Lakes to Knowledge Graphs"Online
28-29 May 2020SIKS-Course on Social Artificial IntelligenceUtrecht
17-18 March 2020ICT-Open 2020Groningen
30 January 2020Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands (CLIN 2020)Utrecht
16-17 January 2020Workshop on Value Modelling and Business Ontology (VMBO 2017)Brussel

Activities 2019

11 December 2019DBDBD 2019Den Bosch
09 -10 December 2019 SIKS-Course "Foundations of Data Science; Data mining"Utrecht
29 November 2019 DIR 2019 Amsterdam
20-22 November 2019 SIKS-Course: Research Methods and Methodology for IKSVught
14 November 2019 SIKS-day 2019 on Explainable and Responsible AIUtrecht
06-08 November 2019 BNAIC 2019Brussel
06-08 November 2019 Benelearn 2019Brussel
07 -08 October 2019SIKS Course: Advances in Information RetrievalUtrecht
09 September 2019 SIKS/ CS & AI ColloquiumTilburg
29 Augustus 2019 SIKS / CS&AI ColloquiumDen Bosch
09-12 July 2019 Digital Humanities Conference 2019Utrecht
17-21 June 2019 International Software Architecture PhD School (iSAPS) for SIKS-PhD-studentsLeiden
06-07 June 2019SIKS-Course: Trends and Topics in Multi Agent SystemsUtrecht
06 May 2019 CS&AI /SIKS Workshop on analyzing and interpreting neural networks for NLPDen Bosch
19-20 March 2019 ICT-Open 2019Hilversum
15 March 2019 SIKS Masterclass "The End of Theory? On the role of theories in Information and Knowledge Systems research"Amsterdam
31 January 2019 Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands (CLIN 2019)Groningen
28 Jan-1 Febr 2019 Workshop "The Future of AI: Ethical, Legal and Societal IssuesLeiden
28 January 2019 SIKS-CWI-UU Symposium on Uncertainty in Data-Driven SystemsUtrecht
22 January 2019 SIKS-DKE Colloquium: Generation and Analysis of Content for Physics-Based Video GamesMaastricht

Activities 2018

12-14 December 2018JURIX 2018Groningen
30 November 2018 DBDBD 2018Hasselt
28-30 November 2018 SIKS-Course: Research Methods and Methodology for IKS Vught
23 November 2018 DIR 2018Leiden
16 November 2018 Fifth International Symposium on Semantic Web Information Systems (IS-SWIS 2018)Rotterdam
08-09 November 2018 BNAIC 2018Den Bosch
08-09 November 2018 Benelearn 2018Den Bosch
26 October 2018 SIKS-workshop on Smart AuditingVught
24-26 October 2018 Symposium on Intelligent Data Analysis (IDA 2018)Den Bosch
27-28 September 2018 SIKS-Course" Advanced Data Science: Mathematical Models"Vught
01-06 July 2018BSR Summer School for SIKS-PhD-studentsBerg en Dal
18-22 June 2018 EASSS 2018 for SIKS-PhD-studentsMaastricht
11 June 2018 Tutorial Day on Probabilistic and Confidence Prediction for SIKS-PhD-studentsMaastricht
06-08 June 2018 Digital Humanities Conference for SIKS-PhD-studentsAmsterdam
06-07 June 2018 SIKS-Course "Kaleidoscope Data ScienceVught
27-30 May 2018 10th ACM Conference on Web ScienceAmsterdam
18 April 2018 SIKS-mini-symposium on Process Support in Information SeekingAmsterdam
09 - 10 April 2018 SIKS-Course "Knowledge Representation and Reasoning: Foundations and Applications"Utrecht
19-22 March 2018 REFSQ for SIKS-PhD-studentsUtrecht
19-20 March 2018 ICT-Open 2018Amersfoort
12 - 16 March 2018 AAAC/4TU.H&T/SIKS Winterschool on Affective Computing and Social Signal ProcessingNoordwijk
26-27 February 2018 Workshop on Value Modelling and Business Ontology (VMBO 2018)Amsterdam
22 February 2018 SIKS-Masterclass on"Advances in Fuzzy SystemsEindhoven
28 February 2018 SIKS-DKE Colloquium:Modern Game AI Algorithms Solve Real-World ProblemsMaastricht
20 February 2018 SIKS-DKE Colloquium on Semi-Supervised Learning and ApplicationsMaastricht
26 January 2018 Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands (CLIN 2018)Nijmegen

Activities 2017

19-20 December 2017SIKS Course: "Foundations of Data Science; Data Mining"Utrecht
18 December 2017SIKS-symposium semantic mapping in video retrievalNijmegen
4 December 2017 Data Science Summit at DSC/e Eindhoven
1 December 2017 DBDBD 2017Eindhoven
30 November 2017UU/SIKS Symposium on Natural Language in Requirements EngineeringUtrecht
24 November 2017DIR 2017Hilversum
22-24 November 2017 SIKS Course: "Research methods and methodology for IKS"Vught
08-09 November 2017 BINAIC 2017Groningen
13 October 2017Valedictory lecture by Paul De Bra, honorary member and former scientific director of SIKSEindhoven
9-13 October 2017Open Machine Learning Hackathon for SIKS-PhD-studentsLeiden
1-4 October 2017 The 3rd ACM International Conference on the Theory of Information RetrievalAmsterdam
14-15 September 2017 HComp-NL / SIKS Symposium: "Data Science with Humans in the Loop"Amsterdam
6 September 2017 SIKS-day 2017Utrecht
21-25 August 2017TRADR-SIKS Summer School on Human-Robot TeamingUtrecht
10-14 July 2017The 48th International Simulation and Gaming Association's conferenceDelft
19 June 2017SIKS-TiCC Symposium "Understanding Gamers"Tilburg
14-15 June 2017SIKS-Course: Trends and Topics in Multi Agent SystemsMaastricht
12 June 2017SIKS-VU Symposium "Applications of Causal Inference"Amsterdam
9-10 June 2017Benelearn 2017Eindhoven
6-9 June 2017International Software Architecture PhD School (iSAPS) for SIKS-PhD-students "Leiden
3-4 May 2017SIKS / BENAIS Conference: "The Language/Action Perspective: current status and future prospects"Tilburg
18-21 April 2017Workshop "Language, Knowledge and People in Perspective"Leiden
24 March 2017SIKS Symposium "The Power of Play"Enschede
21-22 March 2017ICT-Open 2017Amersfoort
21 March 2017SIKS Symposium "Ripples of Real-world Events on Social Media""Nijmegen
10 March 201714th SIKS/Twente Seminar on Searching and Ranking: Text as social and cultural dataEnschede
9 March 2017SIKS Masterclass "Making Sense out of Software Engineering Data"Amsterdam
8 March 2017SIKS Masterclass "The End of Theory? On the role of theories in Information and Knowledge Systems research"Amsterdam
6-7 March 2017Workshop on Value Modelling and Business Ontology (VMBO 2017)Luxemburg
10 February 2017 Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands (CLIN 2017)Leuven

Activities 2016

6-7 December 2016SIKS/CBS Data Camp & Advanced Course on Managing Big DataEnschede
25 November 2016DIR 2016Delft
23-25 November 2016SIKS Course: "Research methods and methodology for IKS"Vught
10-11 November 2016BNAIC 2016Amsterdam
7-11 November 2016Workshop ICT with IndustryLeiden
28 October 2016DBDBD 2016Mons
23-28 October 2016BSR winter school on "Big Software on the Run: Where Software meets Data"Ede
19-21 October 2016EURANDOM / SIKS Masterclass on Forecasting with REindhoven
5-7 October 2016The 13th International Conference on Grammatical Inference (ICGI 2016)Delft
3-4 October 2016SIKS course "Mathematical Methods for IKS"Vught
12-13 September 2016Benelearn 2016Kortrijk
29 August - 2 September 2016 ECAI 2016The Hague
20-24 June 2016The 16th International Conference on Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge Based Systems (IPMU 2016)Eindhoven
20 June 2016SIKS masterclass on Data Science and Uncertainty ModelingEindhoven
13 June 2016SIKS workshop Data Science from Different Angles"Eindhoven
2 June 201613th SIKS/Twente Seminar on Searching and Ranking: Deep Web Entitiy MonitoringEnschede
19-20 May 2016SIKS-Course "Data Science"Vught
4 April 2016VU-SIKS International Symposium "Community Service and Education"Amsterdam
22-23 March 2016SIKS-track at ICT-Open 2016Amersfoort
11 February 2016SIKS-seminar on Flexibility in SchedulingDelft
25-26 January 2016SIKS-Course "Responsible Artificial Intelligence"Zeist

Activities 2015

18 December 2015Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands (CLIN 2015) Amsterdam
16 December 2015DBDBD 2015 Amsterdam
14 -15 December 2015SIKS-Course "Foundations of Data Science; Data and Process mining"Utrecht
07 - 11 December 2015ICT with industry for SIKS PhD-students"Leiden
27 November 2015DIR 2015Amsterdam
26 - 27 November 2015SIKS-Course "Knowledge Representation and Reasoning: Foundations and Applications"Vught
24 November 2015SIKS-DKE Symposium Monte-Carlo Search goes GeneralMaastricht
13 November 2015Symposium on Semantic Web Information SystemsRotterdam
11-13 November 2015SIKS Course: Research Methods and Methodology for IKSVught
10 November 2015Agent ColloquiumDelft
05-06 November 2015BNAIC 2015Hasselt
19-21 October 20153TU-SIKS Autumn School on Humans and Technology:Zeist
16 October 201512th SIKS/Twente Seminar on Searching and Ranking: Probabilistic Approaches to Smart DiscoveryEnschede
26 August 2015Agent ColloquiumDelft
26-28 August 2015Workshop and tutorial program for SIKS-PhD-students at IVA 2015Delft
26 June 2015SIKS Symposium on the Future of Business Process Management ResearchAmsterdam
23-26 June 2015ICWE 2015: Engineering the Web in the Big Data EraRotterdam
23 June 2015SIKS-DKE SymposiumMaastricht
22-23 June 2015International Computer Assisted Assessment ConferenceZeist
19 June 2015Benelearn 2015 Delft
18 -19 June 2015SIKS Course: Advances in Information RetrievalVught
3 June 2015TICC-SIKS ColloquiumTilburg
28 May 2015Agent ColloquiumDelft
22 May 2015VU-SIKS Second International Symposium "Perspectives on ICT4D". Amsterdam
20 May 2015TICC-SIKS ColloquiumTilburg
20 April 2015SIKS/Twente Data Science ColloquimEnschede
1 April 2015TICC-SIKS ColloquiumTilburg
25 March 2015SIKS-DKE SymposiumMaastricht
24-25 March 2015SIKS-track at ICT-Open 2015Amersfoort
19 March 2015SIKS-DKE SymposiumMaastricht
17 March 2015Symposium on Intelligent MachinesNijmegen
16 March 2015SIKS Symposium on "Data engineering for Data Science: challenges and opportunities" Eindhoven
25 February 2015SIKS workshop on Smart AuditingTilburg
23-24 February 2015International Workshop on Value Modeling and Business OntologyTilburg
20 February 2015TUD-SIKS Symposium on "Organisational Compliance: designing and evaluating organizational interactions"Delft
11 February 2015TICC-SIKS ColloquiumTilburg

Activities 2014

23 December 2014SIKS-UU Symposium on Software Architecture PatternsUtrecht
26-28 November 2014SIKS Course: Research Methods and Methodology for IKSVught
13-14 November 2014SIKS Tutorial "Interactive Systems"Best
10 November 2014Agent ColloquiumDelft
06-07 November 2014BNAIC 2014Nijmegen
03-04 November 2014Advanced SIKS-course "Contemporary AI for Serious Gaming"Vught
27 October 2014UU-SIKS Symposium on Process Improvement Utrecht
17 October 2014DBDBD 2014 Antwerpen
12 September 201411th SIKS/Twente Seminar on Searching and Ranking: Seminar on CyberbullyingEnschede
07-11 September 201412th International Conference on Business Process Management (BPM 2014)Eindhoven
18-23 August 2014Summerschool on Games for Governance and ParticipationDelft
01 July 2014VU-SIKS Symposium "Trust and Provenance on the Web" Amsterdam
27 June 2014SIKS-DKE SymposiumMaastricht
06 June 2014Benelearn 2014 Brussel
26-27 May 2014SIKS Tutorial "Mathematical Methods for IKS"Vught
16 May 2014NVTI Theory Day 2014Utrecht
16 May 2014VU-SIKS Symposium "Perspectives on ICT4D"Amsterdam
12-13 May 2014SIKS Tutorial "Data Science"Vught
05-09 May 2014AAMAS 2014Paris
01 May 20148th SIKS Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (EIS 2014)Tilburg
24-25 April 2014The Netherlands Conference on Computer VisionErmelo
19 March 2014UU-SIKS Symposium "Knowledge Management for organizational dynamics" Utrecht
03-04 March 2014Workshop on Value Modelling and Business Ontology (VMBO 2014)Berlin
03 February 2014Workshop on Linked Data" Amsterdam
16 January 2014Agent ColloquiumDelft

Activities 2013

12-13 December 2013SIKS-DKE Seminar on Machine Learning for Systems BiologyMaastricht
09-10 December 2013SIKS Tutorial "Agent Systems"Vught
2 December 2013SIKS-DKE Seminar "Monte-Carlo Search is Everywhere"Maastricht
29 November 2013DBDBD 2013 Rotterdam
27-28 November 2013ICT Open Eindhoven
26-27 November 2013Advanced SIKS/SURFsara Course on Big DataEnschede
20-22 November 2013SIKS Course: Research Methods and Methodology for IKSVught
12-15 November 2013Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment (ACE 2013)Enschede
07-08 November 2013BNAIC 2013Delft
29 August 20138th SIKS/Twente Seminar on Searching and Ranking: Explorations in Interactive Retrieval and Information ExperienceEnschede
27-30 August 2013Maastricht School on Data MiningMaastricht
19 August-30 Sept 2013International summer school "Information Foraging" 2013Nijmegen
08-10 July 2013Third International Symposium on Business Modeling and Software Design (BMSD 2013) Noordwijkerhout
07-10 July 2013ECSQARU Utrecht
19-21 June 2013Tilburg Gesture Research Meeting (TIGER 2013) Tilburg
17-18 June 2013Advanced SIKS Course: AI for GamesTilburg
14 June 2013SIKS-symposium "Causal discovery, Bayesian methods and Probabilistic logic"Nijmegen
04-07 June 2013SIKS Tutorials "Learning and Reasoning" and "Information Retrieval"Vught
05 June 2013SIKS-TiCC Symposium on Automatic Text-to-Text Generation Tilburg
03 June 2013Benelearn Nijmegen
23-24 May 2013Advanced SIKS Course: Computational IntelligenceDriebergen
26 April 2013DIR 2013Delft
22-23 April 2013Advanced SIKS-Course "Come Let's play: From Modeling with Statecharts to Behavioral Programming and Process Mining Eindhoven
18 - 19 February 2013Workshop on Value Modelling and Business Ontology (VMBO 2013)Delft
07 February 2013Symposium on Semantic Web Information Systems (IS-SWIS 2013)Rotterdam
18 January 2013CLIN 2013Enschede

Activities 2012

28 November 20127 th SIKS Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (EIS 2012)Enschede
14-16 November 2012SIKS Course: Research Methods and Methodology for IKSVught
1 November 2012ATIA Alan Turing Year ConferenceAlmere
25-26 October 2012BNAIC 2012Maastricht
22 October 2012SIKS Conference "Research Methods and Methodology for IKS Research" at ICT Open Rotterdam
22-23 October 2012SIKS Poster Presentations and Symposium "Agents and Adaptivity" at ICT Open Rotterdam
22-24 October 2012Maastricht School on Data MiningMaastricht
02-03 October 2012Advanced SIKS-Course: Principles of Intelligent OrganisationGroesbeek
26 September 20127th SIKS/Twente Seminar on Searching Speech: Evaluation of Speech Recognition in ContextEnschede
25-28 September 2012SIKS Tutorials "Mathematical methods" and "Interactive Systems"Best
25 August 2012Workshop on Human Computer Interaction and Information RetrievalNijmegen
21-24 August 2012Fourth Information Interaction in Context Symposium 2012Nijmegen
09-13 July 2012Web Science Summer SchoolLeiden
11 July 2012SIKS-DKE SymposiumMaastricht
06 July 2012SIKS Workshop on Neural Data AnalysisNijmegen
05 July 20126th SIKS/Twente Seminar on Searching Speech: Evaluation of Speech Recognition in ContextEnschede
25 June 2012SIKS-DKE SymposiumMaastricht
20 June 2012SIKS-TiCC ColloquiumTilburg
14 June 2012SIKS-DKE SymposiumMaastricht
30 May 2012SIKS-DKE SymposiumMaastricht
28 May - 1 June 2012EASSS Summer School 2012Valencia (Spain)
25 May 2012Benelearn 2012Ghent
09 May 2012SIKS-DKE SymposiumMaastricht
26 April 2012Symposium: Pioneers of Computer Science: From Turing to HarelEindhoven
22-25 April 2012Fourth NIRICT-SIKS Springschool on HTIGroesbeek
18 April 2012SIKS-DKE SymposiumMaastricht
12-13 April 2012Advanced SIKS Course on Computer Supported LearningVught
30 March 2012SIKS Phd-Career DayUtrecht
21 April 2012SIKS-TiCC ColloquiumTilburg
27 March 2012SIKS-DKE SymposiumMaastricht
23 March 2012NVTI Theory Day 2012Utrecht
21 March 2012SIKS Masterclass on Smart AuditingVught
16 March 2012iSIS-SIKS Seminar "Creating the Enterprise: Engineering or Emergence?"Nijmegen
16 March 2012Agent ColloquiumDelft
14 March 2012SIKS-TiCC ColloquiumTilburg
29 February 2012SIKS-TiCC ColloquiumTilburg
28 February 2012SIKS-ICS Symposium on Development of Web Information SystemsUtrecht
23-24 February 2012DIR 2012Gent
15 February 2012Agent ColloquiumDelft
26 January 2012SIKS-TICC Workshop on Socio-cognitive mechanisms of symbolic communicationTilburg
20 January 2012CLIN 2012Tilburg

Activities 2011

19-23 December 2011Workshop on Multi Agent organisationsLeiden
7 December 2011SIKS-TiCC Symposium on Language ModellingTilburg
2 December 2011DBDBD 2011 Enschede
30 November-01 Dec 2011Advanced SIKS /BigGrid Course on Big Data and Cloud ComputingEnschede
28 November 2011Tilburg Social Signal Processing WorkshopTilburg
24 November 2011SIKS Masterclass on Human Computer InteractionAmsterdam
23-25 November 2011SIKS Course: Research Methods and Methodology for IKSDoorn
17 November 2011SIKS Symposium on Software Operation KnowledgeUtrecht
14-15 November 2011EUMAS 2011Maastricht
14-15 November 2011ICT Open Veldhoven
11 November 2011SIKS Symposium on Model EngineeringEindhoven
07-11 November 2011International Autumnschool on Human-Robot InteractionSoesterberg
03-04 November 2011BNAIC 2011Gent
31 October 20116th SIKS Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (EIS 2011)Delft
21 October 2011SIKS Symposium on "Brain Computer Interfaces"Enschede
18 October 2011SIKS-ICS Symposium "Norms, Logic and Dependence"Utrecht
13-14 October 2011Advanced SIKS Course: Computational IntelligenceUtrecht
11 October 2011SIKS Symposium on Data miningEindhoven
10,17,24 October 2011Advanced Course on SecurityAmsterdam
03 October 2011Annual SIKS-day 2011 Utrecht
26-27 September 2011Advanced SIKS Course: The Semantic WebZeist
6 September 2011Agent ColloquiumDelft
29 August-01 Sept 2011Summer course Data MiningMaastricht
22 August-02 Sept 2011International summer school "Information Foraging" 2011Nijmegen
11-15 July 2011EASSS Summer School 2011Girona (Spain)
06-08 July 20114th International Conference on Educational Data MiningEindhoven
15 June 2011Strategic decision making in complex gamesMaastricht
07-10 June 2011SIKS Tutorials "Learning and Reasoning" and "Information Retrieval"Vught
26 May 2011Agent ColloquiumDelft
20 May 2011Benelearn 2011The Hague
12 May 2011SIKS-DKE SymposiumMaastricht
15 April 2011SIKS-Seminar: "Something on Search and Searchers" Amsterdam
11-15 April 2011Third NIRICT-SIKS Springschool on HMIRotterdam
07-08 April 2011CSERC 2011Heerlen
17 March 2011SIKS-DKE SymposiumMaastricht
16 March 2011Agent ColloquiumDelft
4 March 2011SIKS-Symposium "Beyond the Semantic Web" Amsterdam
23 February 2011SIKS-DKE SymposiumMaastricht
21-22 February 2011Advanced SIKS Course: Agent Based SimulationZeist
09 February 2011SIKS-DKE SymposiumMaastricht
07-08 February 2011Workshop "Value Modeling and Business Ontologies"Gent
04 February 2011DIR 2011Amsterdam
26 January 2011SIKS-DKE SymposiumMaastricht
12 January 2011SIKS-DKE SymposiumMaastricht

Activities 2010

07-10 December 2010SIKS Basic courses "Mathematical methods" and "Knowledge modeling"Vught
7 December 2010Workshop: Interactive Information Access - Untangling Tasks and Technologies Amsterdam
29 November 2010Agent ColloquiumDelft
26 November 2010Future Directions for Indexing and Retrieving Visual Media Amsterdam
24-26 November 2010SIKS Course: Research Methods and Methodology for IKSDoorn
22 November 2010DBDBD 2010 Hasselt
16 November 20105th SIKS Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (EIS 2010)Eindhoven
09-12 November 2010The Enterprise Engineering WeekDelft
2 November 2010Annual SIKS-day 2010 Veldhoven
25-26 October 2010BNAIC 2010Luxemburg
15 October 2010SIKS Masterclass on Design Science methodology: Principles and Practice Utrecht
05-06 October 2010Advanced SIKS Course: Smart AuditingVught
29 September 2010SIKS-BNVKI Symposium: The Magic of Monte-Carlo Tree Search Maastricht
22-24 September 2010Pattern Recognition in Bioinformatics (PRIB 2010)Nijmegen
20-24 September 2010Summer School on Computational Intelligence in HealthcareEindhoven
1 September 20105th SIKS/Twente Seminar on Searching and Ranking Enschede
30 August-03 Sept 2010Summer School on multimedia semanticsAmsterdam
23-27 August 2010EASSS Summer School 2010Saint-Etienne (France)
09- 13 August 2010ISMIR 2010Utrecht
30 August-02 Sept 2010Summer course Data MiningMaastricht
28 June- 02 July 2010SSAIE Summer School Crete (Greece)
21-24 June 2010Conference on Human Factors and Computational Models in Negotiation (HuCom 2010 @ GDN)Delft
07-10 June 2010SIKS Basic courses "Interactive Systems" and "Combinatory Methods"Best
03-05 June 2010DESRIST 2010St. Gallen (Switzerland)
27-28 May 2010Benelearn 2010Leuven
28-29 April 2010Symposium on Self-organisation in Knowledge Systems (SOKS)Amsterdam
26 March 2010CABS ColloquiumDelft
22-26 March 20102nd NIRICT-SIKS International Springschool on HCAlmen
17 March 2010SIKS-TiCC ColloquiumTilburg
15 March 2010SIKS-seminar on Multi-Agent Route PlanningDelft
11-12 March 2010Advanced SIKS Course: Computational IntelligenceUtrecht
01 March 2010SIKS-seminar on learning theory, grammatical inference and formal methodsDelft
12 February 2010CABS ColloquiumDelft
05 February 2010SIKS Strategy Day 2010Utrecht
03 February 2010SIKS-TiCC ColloquiumTilburg
29 January 20103rd SIKS/Twente Seminar on Searching and Ranking "Enschede
27 January 2010Agent ColloquiumDelft
25 January 2010DIR 2010Nijmegen
25 January 2010SIKS-DKE ColloquiumMaastricht
27 January 2010CABS ColloquiumDelft
13 January 2010CABS ColloquiumDelft

Activities 2009

21-22 December 2009Workshop "Value Modeling and Business Ontologies"Amsterdam
07-10 December 2009SIKS Basic courses "Agent Systems" and "System and Architecture modeling "Vught
30 November 2009DBDBD 2009 Delft
25-27 November 2009SIKS Course: Research Methods and Methodology for IKSDoorn
18-20 November 2009Workshop "Engineering Societies in the Agents' World" (ESAW 2009) Utrecht
16 November 2009Annual SIKS-day 2009 Utrecht
29-30 October 2009BNAIC 2009Eindhoven
26-27 October 2009Advanced SIKS/LOIS Course on Process Mining and Data Mining Eindhoven
23 October 20094th SIKS Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (EIS 2009)Ravenstein
07 October 2009SIKS-TiCC ColloquiumTilburg
05-06 October 2009Advanced SIKS Course: AI for GamesEindhoven
24-25 September 2009Advanced SIKS Course: The Semantic WebUtrecht
16 September 2009SIKS-TiCC ColloquiumTilburg
9 September 2009SIKS Symposium "Method Engineering in Software Product Management" Utrecht
07-10 September 2009Business Process Modeling Conference (BPM 2009)Ulm (Germany)
31 Aug-04 Sept 2009EASSS Summer School 2009Torino (Italy)
24-27 August 2009Summer course Data MiningMaastricht
25 June 2009Symposium "In search of privacy"Nijmegen
24 June 20092nd SIKS/Twente Seminar on Searching and Ranking in Enterprises"Enschede
16-19 June 2009SSAIE Summer School Crete (Greece)
10 June 2009SIKS-TiCC ColloquiumTilburg
08-12 June 2009CAISE 2009Amsterdam
25-28 May 2009SIKS Basic courses "Learning and Reasoning" and "Information Retrieval"Vught
18-19 May 2009Benelearn 2009Tilburg
29 April 2009SIKS-TiCC ColloquiumTilburg
20-21 April 2009Advanced SIKS-Course: Probabilistic Methods for Entity Resolution and Entity RankingZeist
16 April 2009SIKS Masterclass: Evolutionary Agent-Based Policy Analysis Amsterdam
15 April 2009SIKS-TiCC ColloquiumTilburg
8 April 2009CABS ColloquiumDelft
1 April 2009SIKS-TiCC ColloquiumTilburg
20 March 2009NVTI Theory Day 2009Utrecht
18 March 2009SIKS-TiCC ColloquiumTilburg
05 March 2009Symposium "Innovating IT; Surfing the Fourth Wave"Tilburg
05 March 2009CABS ColloquiumDelft
23-27 February 2009DECOI 2009Leiden
18-February 2009SIKS Phd-Career DayUtrecht
16-17 February 2009Advanced SIKS-Course: Organisational Principles for IKSZeist
09-10 February 2009Workshop "Value Modeling and Business Ontologies"Stockholm
02-03 February 2009DIR 2009Enschede
28 January 2009SIKS-TiCC ColloquiumTilburg
26-30 January 2009Advanced course on Human Technology Interaction"Almen
22 January 2009Agent ColloquiumDelft
14 January 2009SIKS-TiCC ColloquiumTilburg
12-16 January 2009Workshop on " Rich Cognitive Models for Policy Design and Simulation"Leiden

Activities 2008

11-12 December 2008Advanced TRAIL / SIKS course: Multi Agent Systems: Theory, Technology and ApplicationsDelft
08-11 December 2008SIKS Basic courses "Mathematical methods" and "Knowledge modeling"Vught
08-09 December 2008Working Conference on Human Factors and Computational Models in Negotiation (2008)Delft
2 December 2008TiCC-SIKS Workshop on "Single Neuron Modeling"Tilburg
28 November 2008RU-SIKS Symposium: "Trends in Artificial Intelligence" Nijmegen
27 November 2008CAI-SIKS Symposium "New Directions in Evolutionary Computation" Nijmegen
24-26 November 2008SIKS Course: Research Methods and Methodology for IKSZeist
20 November 2008Agent ColloquiumDelft
06-07 November 2008Advanced SIKS Course: Business Process ManagementVught
30-31 October 2008BNAIC 2008 Enschede
28 October 2008Agent ColloquiumDelft
23-24 October 2008Advanced SIKS Course: Computational IntelligenceZeist
20-21 October 2008Workshop "Image Processing for Artist Identification II"Amsterdam
10 October 2008DBDBD 2008 Namur
07 October 2008SIKS-ICS Master class "Distributed model based diagnosis and repair" Utrecht
02 October 2008Annual SIKS-day 2008 Utrecht
12 September 2008ERIM-SIKS Workshop on Support Vector Machines and ClassificationRotterdam
08-10 September 2008Workshop on Machine Learning and Multimodal InteractionUtrecht
5 September 2008The Third Twente Data Management Workshop - TDM'08 Enschede
25-29 August 2008Summer course Data MiningMaastricht
27 June 2008SIKS/Yahoo Seminar: Searching and Ranking in Structured Text RepositoriesEnschede
25 June 2008SIKS-MICC Symposium on Embodied CognitionMaastricht
17 June 2008Agent ColloquiumDelft
12-13 June 20081st International Conference on Human-Robot Personal RelationshipsMaastricht
02-03 June 2008SIKS Evaluation Days 2008 Amsterdam
23 May 20083rd SIKS-BENAIS Conf on Enterprise Information SystemsTilburg
19 May 2008ICS-SIKS-seminar on Content and Knowledge EngineeringUtrecht
19-22 May 2008SIKS Basic courses "Interactive Systems" and "Combinatory Methods"Best
05-09 May 2008EASSS 2008; agent systems summer schoolLisbon (Portugal)
22 April 2008SIKS Symposium: The Dynamics of Knowledge and InterpretationNijmegen
16 April 2008ICS-SIKS-seminar on Content and Knowledge EngineeringUtrecht
14-15 April 2008DIR 2008Maastricht
11 April 2008Agent ColloquiumDelft
9 April 2008SIKS-ICS Seminar on the Semantic WebUtrecht
14 March 2008NVTI Theory Day 2008Utrecht
04-05 March 2008SIKS Masterclass "Ontology-driven conceptual modeling with applications"Enschede
04 March 2008Agent ColloquiumAmsterdam
03-04 March 2008Advanced SIKS Course: Web-based Systems: a semantic perspectiveVught
24 January 2008EUR-ERIM-SIKS Workshop on Agent-based approaches in economicsRotterdam
28 January 2009SIKS-TiCC ColloquiumTilburg
26-30 January 2009Advanced course on Human Technology Interaction"Almen
22 January 2009Agent ColloquiumDelft
14 January 2009SIKS-TiCC ColloquiumTilburg
12-16 January 2009Workshop on " Rich Cognitive Models for Policy Design and Simulation"Leiden