SIKS + Hybrid Intelligence course “Integrating Learning and Reasoning”


On May 25-26 2021, the School for Information and Knowledge Systems (SIKS) and Hybrid Intelligence are organising the new course “Integrating Learning and Reasoning”. The course will be given in English and is part of the Educational Program for SIKS-PhD-students. Although these courses are primarily intended for SIKS-PhD-students, other participants are not excluded. However, their admittance will be restricted and depends on the number of SIKS-PhD-students that wish to enroll.

DATE: 25-26 May 2021

Dr. Annette ten Teije (VU)
Prof. dr. Frank van Harmelen (VU)
Dr. Perry Groot (RU)

Day 1:
• introductory lecture by Frank van Harmelen on literature survey
• keynote by Luciano Serafini, Trento, on Logic Tensor Networks
• 3 working sessions
• keynote by Pascal Hitzler, Kansas, on Deep Deductive Reasoners

Day 2:
• keynote by Heiko Paulheim, Mannheim
• 4 working sessions
• closing discussion

This course aims at giving students insight in the recent developments in AI that integrate techniques from data-driven machine learning and knowledge driven reasoning. The course will consist of one introductory lecture, three invited talks by international experts, and working sessions where students present papers from the recent literature under guidance of one of the course organisers. As a result, the course will be highly interactive and will require active student participation.

The two day course will be fully online, each day has 6 hours of activities, with regular breaks.

Students are required to prepare in advance by (i) reading the survey paper here, and (ii) preparing a presentation on a paper to be selected from a predefined list of recent literature (selection of other papers is possible after approval by the course organisers).


Registration for this course is closed.