SIKS course “Advanced Data Science: Mathematical Models”


On February 4-5 2021, the School for Information and Knowledge Systems (SIKS) organizes the course “Advanced Data Science: Mathematical Models”. The course will be given in English is part of the Tutorial Program for SIKS-PhD -students. Although the course is primarily intended for SIKS-PhD-students, other participants are not excluded. However, their number of passes will be restricted and depends on the number of SIKS-PhD -students taking the course.

Ever since the emergence of data science there is a growing need to understand the mathematical techniques underlying machine learning, data mining, process mining,statistical learning computational intelligence, computaional linguistics et cetera. Current debates on AI and data science, the call for Explainable AI and the risks of misinterpreting, misusing or wronlgy applying machine learning techniques (such as deep learning) have strengthened this trend. This intensive two days SIKS course will cover some elementary theory, but is first and foremost interactive and practically oriented. Among other things students will practise in environments like KERAS and Word2vec.

DATE: 4-5 February 2021

Prof. dr. T. Heskes (RUN)
Prof. dr. E.O. Postma (TiU)
Prof.dr. A. van den Bosch (Meertens Instituut, RUN)

PROGRAM: a preliminary program is now available


Registration is closed.

Deadline for registration for SIKS-Ph.D.-students: 25 January 2021

After that date, applications to participate will be honoured in a first-come first-serve manner. Of course, applications to participate from other interested groups are welcome already. They will receive a notification whether they can participate as soon as possible.

Information for non-SIKS Ph.D.- students
SIKS needs a confirmation from your supervisor/office that they agree with the arrangement and paying conditions.